Our product

The Soldeq installation is a solar thermal installation based on CSP technique. It has two parabolic through mirrors which concentrate the sun heat on an absorber tube so that very high temperatures can be reached. The installation is developed especially for small scale (domestic) use. The unit is computer controlled and is supplied with a sun tracking system. The sun heat will be concentrated at the same point during the whole day resulting in an optimum efficiency. The efficiency of the current Soldeq installation (prototype) is high. This is partly due to the fact that heated water can be contained directly from the unit and that there is hardly any transportation of energy needed.

Due to the high efficiency the pay back period is 4 to 6 years. The installation of the unit is quite simple and needs low maintenance. There is also a minimal amount of installation costs and time, because the unit comes pre-fabricated. The Soldeq installation can be used in all countries where the sun is richly available. The fine tuning of the exact position and location of the unit has to be done only once at the time of installation, using GPS coordinates.

The use of solar energy with CSP technology on small-scale has not yet effectively been used, which makes the Soldeq installation quite unique. Soldeq patented several features of the installation. The large scale CSP installations cannot be used in a small scale (domestic) environment because the currently used techniques are too complicated and too expensive.

We have designed an affordable CSP installation by replacing the expensive and delicate materials with common materials and adding new design features. The installation can provide hot water for domestic use and central heating, pool heating at relatively low investment costs.

The installation is featured with a light weight mirror design, protected against hail and has a suntracking system.

Our installation has been tested at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria in Spain, the largest concentrating solar technology research, development and test center in Europe.